// e3 = Energy efficient equipment

The diagram shows the energy costs and CO2 emission (according to German Energy Mix) in relation to the connected electrical power, together with the potential settings to be made by using newest UV technology - based on the total UV system per annum.

There are two significant factors involved in increasing efficiency: The use of optimized components and their perfect coordination with each other. All the important components of the BLK®-6, such as the reflectors, lamps and electronic parts are developed together with our partner IST-Metz in-house. Using ray tracing technology, we optimize our systems in terms of UV output and IR radiation. With high efficiency and low output in standby operation, energy consumption is noticeably reduced – a further contribution towards saving costs. The new BLK®-6 taps the full potential for saving energy costs, without compromising on quality or production Speed.  The BLK®-6 has been graded as particularly energy-efficient by the German Professional Association for Printing and Paper Processing and therefore bears the label “energy-minimized UV printing”. Furthermore, as a world-first in its class, the BLK®-6 has received the “DGUV Test” seal of approval (previously the GS Mark). The seal is a valid and legally regulated test symbol for product safety that is recognized throughout Europe

// UV varnishes and inks are hardened (cured) - and not dried
The coating curing process uses ULTRA-VIOLET light  energy from the visible spectrum in wave lengths from 200 to 480 nm. UV energy “cures“ inks and varnishes in a fraction of a second. A UV curing system consists essentially of the following components:

  • UV lamps,
  • Reflectors,
  • Lamp housings,
  • Cooling systems 
  • Intelligent operating and control systems
  • Additional options can also be added as desired

Duo-Technik manufactures to the highest quality standards; with meticulous calibration of the UV units and the seamless integration of the UV system into the production process.

With conventional drying, the liquid in the coating is evaporated by warm air or InfraRed energy. The dry film thickness is thinner than the wet coating thickness

Ultraviolet curing is a photochemical process using high-intensity UV light to instantly cure or “harden” inks and coatings. The actual coating thickness remains unchanged.

// Innovative and very user-friendly

The BLK®-6 is a newly developed UV drying system designed to meet the highest of industrial requirements. When compared to conventional UV systems, remarkable progress has been made in drying performance of the BLK®-6 without having to increase the UV lamp output. This means greater productivity with reduced operating costs .

  • URS® Inlay Technology

The new URS® reflectors have been optimised using the latest ray tracing software – the UV yield on the substrate has increased while maintaining the same lamp output. The URS® Inlay Technology facilitates a quick change of the reflectors and thus reduces maintenance times to a minimum.

  • UV-Online Sensor

The UV Online Sensor has made it possible for the first time to measure the UV radiation efficiency of a UV system online and check it when required in the operating display. It is directly integrated into the reflector surface and ensures a particularly efficient production .

  • Optimum Heat-Management

Any heat introduced to the process is efficiently dissipated by the water cooling of the reflectors and the housing. The thermal load on the web is further reduced thanks to a water-cooled undershielding or cooling cylinder .

  • FLC® Fast Lamp Change

The cordless FLC® UV Lamp System facilitates a quick and easy change of the lamps. The UV lamp can be removed simply from the lamp unit by hand. Changing the lamps is possible within seconds, meaning several hours of additional machine availability throughout the year. The cleaning of the lamps is also a trouble-free procedure .


  • IPS® Control Generation and ELC® Power Supply Device

The intelligent IPS® Control System allows for a variety of additional functions, such as our Remote Service. With our space-saving ELC® Power  supply Devices, UV systems can be operated efficiently, reliably and flexibly.

  • Design and Functionality

The BLK®-6 combines a water-cooled support and reflector profile. The solid cross-section allows for lamp lengths of up to 2,300 mm. Due to its extremely compact form, the UV system can be individually integrated into the machine.