Duo-Technik’s products are designed to increase production and profitability in all areas of flexographic and digital printing. We are the most competent partner you can have to develop integrated, custom solutions for any particular requirements.

Drying Systems

As higher requirements for print excellence and paper quality of your customers continually increase; ghosting, trapping, marking and scratches in the print image are some of the typical problems the machine operator has to struggle with daily.

Installing a high quality or improved drying system not only can help you solve these challenges, but they will also aid in doubling the production speed in your print process.

Dust Removal Systems

Do you have problems with recurring printing defects requiring frequent press stoppages, for plate cleaning, to maintain the quality of your printed product?

With a dust removal system you can solve these problems. Eliminating the dust on the board, will reduce the amount dust particles that would accumulate on the printing plates, in the anilox or otherwise contaminate the ink or varnish. The overall print quality and productivity improvements of up to 20% can be achieved. 

Colour Management

Are your customers under constant pressure to meet ever increasing high-quality print quality standards?

The printing process must be maintained with very tight control within the absolute best operating conditions. This means using the appropriate paper stock, properly selecting and maintaining anilox rolls, aptly setting up the printing press and dryer, while precisely controlling the applied varnishes and/or inks. Based on our expertise and industry knowledge Duo-Technik has developed a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Ink-Management system to maintain the printed colour, well within the tightest of print specifications and customer requirements.

Cleaning Systems

Increasing the up-time of your printing press is a money making proposition. 

With our In-line or In-process plate cleaning systems you can reduce your cleaning downtime by up to 75%. Do your own math, you will find that the results will be mind-boggling!

UV-Drying System

Is your product is lacking ‘punch or gloss? Have you tried UV inks or varnishes? 

To cure the UV varnish you will need a UV polymerization system. Duo-Technik’s industry leading "safe" curing system is the answer for you! With the upgraded flexibility of your printing machine, your product range increases enormously while opening doors to new marketing opportunities.

Vacuum Transportation

Are you are looking for a smart solution for improved sheet transportation or are you planning a process upgrade? 

Eliminating belts and printed surface contact, our vacuum transportation modules are custom built to any length and width, based on your specifications.